It is time to start thinking about the upcoming year and that means Junior Student and Parent Counselor Conferences. Parents, you may schedule your Counselor Conference starting today!

Junior Student and Parent Conferences:

  • Counselors are offering each Junior student and his/her parents the opportunity to meet and discuss college plans.
  • Junior parents MUST fill out the Junior Parent Questionnaire before scheduling a Junior Conference (see GUIDE below).
  • Please call Elizabeth Decker at 616-574-5651 or email edecker@grcs.org to make an appointment with your son or daughter’s counselor.


Junior Parent Questionnaire Step-By-Step Guide:

  • Go to Naviance Student
  • Enter your Username & Password
    • If you do not remember your Username & Password, or if you have yet to register, please contact Elizabeth Decker at edecker@grcs.org or at 616-574-5651
  • Fill out the Junior Parent Questionnaire, which is linked in the Welcome Message on the main page.
  • Additional questions may be directed to Elizabeth Decker at edecker@grcs.org or at 616-574-5651